This experi­mental install­ation was a typo­graphy exer­cise using a non-­tradit­ional medium. It feat­ured the German word for speed limit high­light­ing the contrast in lang­uages. The choice of the medium supported the creation of an edgy, strong and contemp­orary black letter type­face to under­line the cult­ural origin. Installed on a 114 inches x 48 inches cork board with bubble wrap filled with colored water. Thanks to Kyle Gustafson for the support in research­ing materials, early plann­ing and brainstorming concepts.

Sad fact, the install­ation was demol­ished two weeks after completion by the workers reno­vating the work space. I created this piece at work after hours. I wish I could have wit­nessed the water splash­ing every­where.