The poster series promoted events at supper clubs as a part of the celeb­ratory anniver­sary and were 22 inches by 34 inches in size. Design and illu­stra­tion of the posters represent the Minnea­polis-­based Phillips Distilling Company‚Äôs connec­tion to the local, upper Mid­western commun­ity. My role was to create a unique illu­stra­tion style, layout and fitting type treatment. The great logo was contri­buted by Gustav Holtz and the copy by Benjamin Pfutzenreuter.

The elong­ated and flowing illu­stra­tions depict land­marks in Minne­sota and life­style imagery in the Mid­western area. Each poster symbol­izes a season of the year in which the event takes place. Dynamic arranged typo­graphy includes a tradi­tional feeling through the choice of the type­face. Together with the illu­stra­tion, it creates a connec­tion between the past, present and future of the company.